Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Mars - Spirit Rover - Comet Wild 2 - Stardust Spacecraft

The Feed Room has a live feed from NASA containing interviews and some great video coverage of the Spirit Rover on Mars. It also includes great video material on the Stardust Spacecraft built to examine the particles in the tail of Comet Wild 2.

This is a superb example of the wonderful things we humans are able to achieve when we work together for a noble objective. It stands in stark contrast to many of the negative things produced by humanity which fill our evening news reports. Let us choose the former, not the latter.

Friday, January 02, 2004

See the Night Sky from Mars

In a Yahoo science article by Pedro Braganca of entitledYahoo! News - The Night Sky from Mars!, Bragance points out that Starry Night Pro is software which can be used to take a virtual journey to Mars - the planet that is currently in the forefront of attention due to NASA probes arriving in January at that planet.

Braganca's article also has a lot of general info on the Martian planet.